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      Hello! Welcome to Hong Ye site, Happy to use!!!!

      Telephone:+86 020-37709263

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        Service Hotline:+86 020-37709263

        ADD:Nine flower road, Fu rong avenue, shi ring town, huadu district, Guangzhou

        Tel:+86 020-37709263

        Fax:+86 020-37709263

        Mr Xu: +86 13926264880

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        Guangzhou Hong Ye Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is located in Huadu District (Weida Industrial Park), a high-speed development of China's modern industrial industry. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. Light guide plate, diffuser plate, reflector, diffuser, brightness enhancement film, composite film and backlight bonding are in the leading position in the same industry. The main product sales network covers the Yangtze River Delta and the North China Pearl River Delta is exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world. Increase year by year. The company occupies more than 6,000 square meters and has more than 80 employees, of which more than 60% are familiar with optical principle design management and engineering technology research and development .....

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        The advantages of Hong Ye photoelectric products.
        Company closely with their own devices and leading edge technology design, with the domestic first-class foundry, encapsulation testing contract to maintain close cooperation and cooperation, strict control of product quality, to ensure the quality of products of high quality and stable supply....
        Why choose Hong Ye ?
        TThe positioning of the company's products: the performance and reliability of the imported brand and the domestic big brands, the application positioning of high-end, cost-effective, focus on the brand, quality and reputation....
        Compare with other company products.
        The company has a strong development team, with many years of experience in the development of LED constant current sources and the latest research and development technology, especially in the field of safety and EMC....

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        OTT TV competing with the emerging TV entered a new era

        Reports from TheInformation said, in fact, Comcast is already developing online video service work has been carried out ... 【Details】

        • 2022-2-9
        • 2022-2-9
        • 2021-6-25
        • 2021-1-19
        • 2020-11-19
        • 2020-7-24

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