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        The commencement of business

          Happy New Year! A year's plan begins with spring. The beginning of the New Year in 2019 will lay a f...

        Application of light diffusion plate in LED lighting

          The main application of light diffusion plate is in LED lighting and liquid crystal display, which i...

        How does the haze of diffusion plate affect the light transmittance

          PS diffusion plate haze on the light transmittance of materials has a certain impact, what kind of i...

        Light guide plate technology

          As the name suggests, the most important function of the light guide plate is to guide the light to ...

        Smart TV easy to use is the essence

          This year, the pace once again accelerate the development of smart TV a lot, a survey shows that the...

        Screen material and backlighting

          Similar to all electronic technology, the screen on that point thing a lot of people do not understa...

        OTT TV competing with the emerging TV entered a new era

          Reports from TheInformation said, in fact, Comcast is already developing online video service work h...


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